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"Sense of fairness is innate" is a structuralist view, just like Chomsky. If it works, then why is human history full of war and killing? In fact, fairness is not congenital, it can only be the result of constructivism. The innate fairness is actually a kind of vertical governance of life, which dominates a transcendental inner plane, and finally leads to Kantism. Anarchism cannot be laid in innate justice because it is a foundation of principle, as Jean Luc Nancy mentioned. Friction, collision, passion, desire, these are the manifestations of life, and then there will be a kind of ethics. This is a lesson of Nietzsche: the power will is not the will to acquire power, but the desire that power wants to give.

Emma Goldman has also expressed a similar view that morality is always lagging behind, so it is always old-fashioned. So "thinking with a hammer" is always necessary.