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There's a modern psychoanalytic term called sociopathic which describes a dysfunctional relationship with the common herd, and anarchists are roughly thrown into this group by the authorities serving the collective herd values and promoting their welfare. This is where it might be helpful to be knowledgeable of Tzu's The Art of War and Machiavelli's The Prince if one wishes to avoid spending most of one's life rotting in confinement or recovering from injurie, because the herd are not an enemy, they are victims living in blissful ignorance of reality, and deserve the same respect as ones closest frienĸ. Yes, even the local capitalist bankmanager is a nice person and not a target for anarchist rage, nor are police, because they also rescue babies from burning buildings and risk their lives carrying octagenarians across flooded roads. Time to conquer ressentiment and the cop in your own heads my anarchist friends!
I don't approve of the term myself, probably because I could be described as a tad sociopathic,* nyuk nyuk nyuk,*because contrary to this institutionalized definition I believe the sociopath is more intelligent and sensitive to social injustices which fly over the radar of the herd..
I am moral to the point of live and let live but break or damage someone who harms me or someone I regard as innocent, so now I've promoted myself to the envious status of being a sociopathic judge and executioner anarch just sayin' ;)