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so I'm guilty of throwing out the accusations of cowardice but not because I think hero vs coward is necessary for anarchy, far from it!

it has more to do with the empty posturing around revolution and/or revenge and/or attack, the poisoned kool aid incidentally produced by some anarchist theory... but mostly by the turbocharging of the spectacle thanks to the electric ego trip of the internet. sad little fan fiction power fantasies written by those who need to LARP to forget their crushing sense of powerlessness. sometimes the LARP even crosses the rubicon, look at the boogaloos! far fewer examples of this from my idea of legitimate anarchist theory but there's some cross pollination fer sure.

Anyway, most of the ethics is about the personal level for me: how I treat the people I actually want to have relationships with. You need the sophisticated tools for working out the detailed human problems.

That's not really required for enemies, things are much simpler in that realm. Either you are dangerous from your enemy's perspective or you aren't. They'll behave accordingly.