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Few people realize the foundation of morality in the present age. In other words, in the era of game theory, what is morality. Why do people choose to be friendly, trust and be good? Because in economic and computer systems, such behavior is encouraged, and it's in the "interests of the majority" (and it's also Christian). The game theory of corporatization and social control has always dominated the interpersonal relationship, which is our current morality. Therefore, the paradox arises. If a simple man wants to be a good man, he will only suffer in society because he does not understand game theory. Here he has two choices: to form a new community of interests, such as identity politics, to join the game, or to become a black sheep. Narrow economic egoism is only one part of the game. However, from the perspective of life form, we will find that the interests assumed by game theory are inconsistent with the interests of life.

Therefore, we find that in the era of game theory, the so-called "good people" are not good. But those poor people who insist on kindness are oppressed in this "era of good people". Those who insist on being kind carry a heavy burden, like walking a tightrope, against the system. Many others fell off the wire and died.

So that's why we should help those who walk the tightrope - they are friends of Zarathustra. But it taught them evil and a healthy personality. There is no God at all in game theory. If good and evil lose their meaning, what else can't be done? How about fighting for life? What about a bigger evil?

The so-called trust and friendship are always empty talk. Game theory has never been friendly to radicals. Why not arm yourself in a world that's going to be broken and boring? Start with your mind. Only in this way can we have true friendship.