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That is how we are born, alone, though mom is the only one who can be really counted on to be there. Morality doesn't exist in the child's world, and when we first comprehend the ramifications of being told to do something by our parents because they say it is the good thing to do, we have come to the first crossroad, to be a moral law abiding part of a group, or a social outlaw, sociopath, misfit, blacksheep of the family (lol), or loser, whatever the derogatory label may be, one knows in adolescence what you will be if you aren't already an obedient slave to tyranny. You can hide it and patiently wait to avoid the punishment and abuse unleashed upon you in your earl years, a certain shrewd wisdom and cynicism mixed with the hilarous gleefulness of having attained an inner autonomy at such an early age empowers you enough to experiment with society by assisting with empathy and punishing the badness with pain. You reach Jesus's level of wisdom at the age of 16 and kill the mythical gods of society with one wave of your imagination.
The world has become your oyster as you darn the old woolen socks under the overpass intò the modern city, inwardly crying for the millions of commodity slaves and their moral dedication to tyrants, for the torture of all the children and animals that die within the moral concentration camp of modern Western society.