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-however around where i live people tend to get hit by cars when they ride bikes on the road, it's windy country roads and i wouldn't do it.

-the internet is a form of technological domination you fucking hypocritical loser. The more time we spend on the internet, the more time we lose learning to live without money and learning to communicate socially without any form of telecommunication system.

-i need my car for my job, sometimes i have to drive several hours away.

So this is exactly the type of thing that kristian williams was talking about in his recent book, about how so many "anarchists" are these puritanical asshats. If you think that adhering to some sort of consumerist list about lifestyle choices is going to make all the shitty, domineering things about the human race go away, you're fucking wrong. On that note, truth is I have a used car so someone was going to end up driving it anyway. Every dollar you spend, even in that little vegan co-op you cherish so much, goes to fund wealthy assholes and the system that sustains them!