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In the face of moral truth and authority, I suggest you learn to be arrogant. In a repressive culture, there is nothing wrong with self affirmation, although it is often understood as arrogance. The reason is that Socrates forced healthy people to remain humble in the name of truth. Then this culture led to a pale Faust image. But life does not serve truth, but truth serves life. Is it arrogant when Lucifer rebelled against authority? In a sense, yes, but on the other hand, he just regained his glory and pride. In addition, uncivilized barbarians, revolutionaries, or energetic young people, in a conservative culture dominated by Socrates and Platonism, are always regarded as ignorant and arrogant. It's not up to them to decide. Just like a savage meeting the Chinese emperor, he has to be seen as arrogant.
So arrogance, as one of the seven sins, is not necessarily a bad thing.
But for relationships, arrogant and prejudice are not a wise choice. This arrogance often comes from hierarchy. When an emperor accuses savages of arrogance, the emperor is also arrogant. Fascists are often proud of their blood, race and rigid culture, and treat others with arrogance. But it's a sign of incompetence. And Fascists are actually becoming barbarian hybrids, like the Nazis, into Scandinavian hybrids. But they never admit they're hybrids. Fascism can only start from the established value and authority, which is synonymous with capitalism.