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Justifying vile acts with poop argumentative logic is not flaunting some rare amoral standpoint, but constructing a distorted morality that is servile and utilitarian to perpetrate abuse. That is precisely what gives morality a bad name, when it can be used and imposed from above as a code that makes abuse the norm, extols it as virtue, and protects it from critique.

Exonerating rapists just makes you morally bankrupt, and moral bankruptcy is not the disappearance of moral currency or a moral economy, the values of the culture and society you are embedded in. Passing judgement on others to absolve them is as much a use of morality as passing judgement to punish them.

Only silence and unthinking action can be considered amoral, and loses it's claim to amorality once it makes any meta statements about morality since it makes it self-aware of morality and positions itself in relation to it, demarcating its own morality. Fancying amorality as a preferred framework for rhetoric and argumentation to justify actions, rather than some other philosophical tradition with a renown brand name, just makes you an idiosyncratic and obscure ideologue.

You are a creature so vile, you stain mirrors, and pollute bodies of water with your reflection. God committed suicide upon realizing the implication that creation suggested the possibility of you ever existing. Since the moment, all of godless existence has conspired in developing the most horrid forms of torture with the hopes of punishing itself from being able to engender and sustain the mere suggestion of the possibility of your semblance. Wouldn't I love to put a cheese grate to your face until I hit bone and then dunk your head on bucket oxyclean! Just to start! Le Way, (aka whoever the fuck & et al) whoever you may be: may you live long enough to see your body fail and decompose in the most pathetic fashion! May live be long and cruel! I can already relish your rantings as early forms of dementia! Rambling and repeating yourself perhaps disoriented. Did you already type that imbecility? Maybe you should type that again. What day is it? Did I type the same imbecility week after week for years? What day is it? Is this an anarchist forum?

How does it feel to be the proof that there is not a single redeeming feature of life and existence? Nothing is worth the chance of you, nothing offsets the atrocity of you.