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I have to second in saying that, "what is identity?", of course beyond the modern conception of something that you choose to be outwardly for some sort of social image clout, or something that you could pass yourself off as, or something that other people label you as and you don't have any ability to control except finding people who wouldn't think of you that way. In modern society it can be as fluid as buying crap of the internet, and for that reason has become even more pointless, but it also means that the capability of freedom FROM it can be higher.

For me personally, I like the "zero identity" approach, which is something I mostly learned from stirner. A lot of my life i struggled with low-self esteem and self-hatred but if my "self" is undetermined, then there's nothing really to hate or feel insecure about. If I can't struggle to "be" anything, then it's ultimately a non-issue, then i don't have any reason to regret being who I am.