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"At that point, I just want to stay out of the way and let people figure out their own shit as best they can haha"

same here as it concerns other people than myself. I don't think anybody, even the most advanced nuero-scientists, are capable of fully cracking the identity issue as it relates to social interaction and society. A lot of my interest has been in what has been called "the ego" which is described as "the sense of self", however the thing that people want to do away with is more related to self-image in the eyes of others, and how that relates to political power and control of money and other people's political allegiances.

I'm even fine with the whole transgender thing, the main problem i have is when anarchists and people into radical politics are aggressively trying to cleanse/brainwash random passerby's perception, "SAY THEY, SAY THEY!", the id-pol says to anyone who steps out of line with their politics...the task of getting people to accept each other for who they are just gets more needlessly complicated and fear-based.