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I think different people who grow up in different ways obviously have different perspectives. These personal perspectives intersect with others who have grown up in somewhat similar ways & therefore probably do have some truth to them. I know, “duh?”, right?

The perspectives never completely line up (even if their experiences are incredibly similar) because people are complex & don’t easily fit into boxes (identities). But just because they don’t always fit into the same boxes doesn’t mean you should discredit those somewhat common perspectives. So, uhh, the whole “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” type of thing.

Those perspectives are incredibly helpful in learning how the world works, but when people try to construct reverse hierarchies in order to make up for social inequalities it’s not so helpful. People tend to exploit those reverse hierarchies for their own ends.

Maybe just actually making/keeping friends with people who you get along with & not get bogged down in identities while spending time together & connecting on things you care about is a genuine way to do that? All while listening & trying to understand their different perspectives is a way to step away from the power identities hold in ‘radical’ circles?