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and my own position on this is basically the same as the down and out distro statement.

I'd like to get a little more specific about lived experience that gives rise to IdPol.
Take me: I've been in love with other guys and have (gasp) slept with other guys. Much of this is a simple desire for shared affection (buddy warmin') not sex. I don't identify as "queer" or have any involvement with "queer" IdPol. HOWEVER, I was tight with my dad when I was little, had 3 tight buddies in grade school (who I was in love with, tho I had no understanding of it in these terms then), and was never called a sissy when I was a kid. Had I a more typical "gay" childhood, with NONE of this in place, the formative experience of severe marginalization from other males would have produced a VERY different outcome. "Sissy", "fag", "queer" are IMPOSED identities, inflicted with a lot of damage from age 5 and even younger. IdPol does not solve this damage, but it is easy to see its appeal here.