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Shaving legs is sooo fucked up, I'll go as far as face shaving, but any other cosmetics is futile vanity. We are what we are, warts and all, accept oneself, love the inner being, not the artificial shell.
Superficial world tells us that materialism has extended to the deepest recesses of values and social relationships, something Marx missed. His "worker identity" condemned 100 yrs of Western men to become insensitive macho caricatures and created an explosion of raging industrial armies to martyr themselves for the State. In turn, the submissive "worker's wife identity" consolidated the role of the nuclear family unit with all of its detached suppressed violence and disciplined toxicity to be passed onto the children in a vicious cycle of enslaved obedience.
The innocent wildness of infancy of billions has been sacrificed to the grand slave master of them all, State and National Identity, the Father of Identity Politics!!.
The much maligned Hakim Bey was merely requesting the reorientation of the man/boy relationship in this sense, to reverse the "masculization identity indoctrination" (my term) of boys, and likewise, a feminin-esque liberation of girls from being indoctrinated into "worker's wife identity" consciousness.
"Class Identity" is another facete of this State consciousness.,.