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Rhyd Wildermuth's essays on Immediatism Podcast

From Immediatism

Egregores, Luddites, and fascism. Now, enjoy three essays by druid Rhyd Wildermuth on Immediatism. In "The World Without Forms" (originally published in Black Seed 5), Rhyd teaches about the Egregores which may have informed Stirner's theory of spooks, and which we create and maintain in the systems around us. In "A New Luddite Rebellion," Rhyd explains how our particular situation in relation to technology at this moment in time is similar to the situation in which the Luddites found themselves. Listen to discover the "ritual invocation we must perform to take back what we've watched slowly sold off of our lives with each new screech of the devil's bagpipes," and what may happen if we fail. "The Future Is Fascist" is Rhyd's response to the left narrative that the right is reactionary. Rhyd argues that fascism is built into capitalism as its logical end. Rhyd's background is as an anarchist, nihilist, and pagan, and he is the cofounder and managing editor of Gods and Radicals.
The World Without Forms
A New Luddite Rebellion
The Future is Fascist
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