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Problem is this: they say it takes two to fight, but it only takes ONE to start it. If the far-right decides they want civil war, civil war we get, rather we want it or not. We can engage the Enemy in open combat where they attack the public, we can take the fight to them at a time and place of our choosing(the guerilla approach), or we can wait for them to bring the fight to us in our own homes. I advocate letting them start it, but if they do, doing everything we can to FINISH it. If we want to survive we will have to use all our skills and all our capability-and all our allies of the day against the Fascist foe.

If people of color are being murdered by fascists, police goon squads are lynching people on the street, and the far-right is burning activists houses, we cannot sit on our hands and try to stay neutral. If pissed-off Biden supporters want to fight the same enemy that burns our homes and shoots at us in the streets, they are welcome to join the fight, but NOT to command it.

Already we have taken at least 25 dead (JUST protest participants) this summer, and taken out only two fash in return. For those the cops shot this summer, the war has already started. For those facing the SWAT team at their door, the war has already started. There are growing witch-hunts against the Left, anti-Fascists, and anarchists while right-wing militiamen are left alone unless they target politicians directly (like the Michigan crew that targetted the governors or both Michigan and Virginia). If they target us instead, nothing happens to them unless WE make it happen.

If the fash and Trumpers choose not to start war, we don't either: anyone who wants war has never been in one. I heard of one far-right crew that had all but four guys wanting war, the four who did not were military veterans and were scared shitless. If things stay even "short-of-war violent" with even major riots but nobody getting killed, we hold to that level ourselves, thank everyone on our side for preparing, and remind ourselves that the Romans the fash admire so much once said "who sweats the most in peace, bleeds the least in war." The best thing we could ever kill is the far-right's appetite for war, but I do NOT know if that is possible.

We do not have the strength to sit out a civil war in armed neutrality like the Swiss in WWII, that would require us to be as powerful as they were. Also, given the far-right's genocidal ambition, that would be like trying to be neutral in a war against ultimate evil, which I at least do not consider possible.