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Again with the posing as general, eager to LARP. Your provocation is tone-deaf, no anarchy detected.
The only valid thing you said is that anarchists as a whole can't help it if rightists or liberals wanna go at it in a civil war.
Same as all the anti-war marching in the world didn't stop U.S. from invading Iraq.
If it goes on, you'll be living in that context and have to make tough choices, such as moving out early so as not to have to shoot your neighbors or something. But anarchist can make the active choice not to add to that dynamic, to stay out of it for the most part.
Comparing a single person with a nation-state in a world war is very stupid. You are not Switzerland. No one will notice nor care if you don't show up to the rally to LARP all kitted out. Plus what I and the article are saying is not to tell anarchists to "sit on their hands and try to stay neutral" but to pick the side of anarchy, not to be subservient to any of the sides of a fractured government. Look at what happened to anarchists in spanish civil war or in russian revolution, it did not end well for them. This time around maybe it's better to see half the country die than (not in our hands, just making a rhetorical point) than have anarchists be the sacrificial goat for nothing. Anarchist goal number 1 can be whatever they please, but I'd rather see them pick staying alive and living out their anarchy than dying for democrats or republicans. There's no good side, the state/politics/war is the same thing and the conceptual "enemy" (so is obeying and giving orders, bread and butter of war). The most laughable thing I've read today is how you're trying to frame this as an epic battle against an "ultimate evil"

If "people of color are murdered by fascists", as they are, as they have been, or murdered by cops (party affiliation irrelevant), they will decide how to react like they have done, no one needs your anarcho-ego trip to the rescue. To shift focus to fight fashy randos, instead of institutions like police and ICE, is something people have done to death for the past decade to the detriment of anarchy, contributing to current scenario.

The whole world's lives will go on, not giving a care about the tragedy that would be a civil war, just like most people in U.S. are oblivious to the wars going outside their country. Try to migrate early, before countries shut their doors to refugees.