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Due to the real or perceived link between anarchists and anti-Fascists(this depends on the anarchists in question, real for me), if the far-right decides to go to way they may well START by hunting us. If they do, the cops will NOT be on our side, will NOT protect us like they did the governors of Michigan and Virginia.

There are at least two kinds of wars: the kind you start by choice because you don't know better, and the kind that someone else starts and comes for you rather you want it or not. Many are essentially armed robberies, but this is more like a vicious war driven by hate as much as greed.

The armed robbery began 500 years ago with the stolen Indigenous land and enslaved workers from Africa. The hate began as a way to keep Indigenous warriors, white indentured servants, and enslaved Black and Indigenous workers from joining forces and expelling the settlements from this whole continent. Those early settlements ran like an Amazon/Bezos mining colony on Mars would, except that people were already here.

Now the hate has grown like the cancer it is, and the far-right wants a war of extermination. They have most of the police and all of ICE/CBP on their side. I only see one thing that can keep the peace now: Trump getting such an overwhelming defeat he never looks like he's ahead, and such an overwhelming margin his supporters lose the will to fight. Otherwise, GOP state legislatures might submit GOP electors even as Trump loses in their states, or Trump stop the count while he's ahead. If his people are pulling "Brooks Brothers Riots" like FL 2000 in all contested states, people will have to defend the count with riots of their own, or risk getting Trump for at least 4 more years and possibly his entire life. From there it escalates. Fash and fashy cops decide to "take care of business" and we get hunted whether we do anything ourselves or not. They are still sore from the burned precincts, beseiged courthouses, looted businesses, and dinner confrontations of the summer.