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I stumbled upon this doing a search for forums about death, haha, I'm lying in a ward now for the terminally ill, yeah, you guessed it, the big C, not this covid19 upstart which will burnout in a few months, mine is the ancient entropy dependent mutant human cell gone revolutionary in a worn out old body. Ohhh its gonna be like the big sleep, they have me on opiods, dont understand why the stuff aint legal, takes away a sea of troubles and pain like Hamlet said, beautiful sleep, eternal peace away from the crazy stress and agony of tyrannical displeasure and angst.
A hand to hold would be nice, I have no family but my young nurses, the unsung heroes of the dead, are always by my side, smiling ragiantly, like angels, beautiful angels,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,goodbye strange world,,,,,,,,,and no tears,,,,,,,be happy,,,,,,,