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We have lived in a culture of avoiding death for a long time. What does it mean that one person has gone to another world? It is seen as a comfort to others. Death turns into a monument of pain, telling the weak of mankind. It derived two forms of mutual reference: Utopia and the Egyptian Pharaoh's desire for eternity.

But with the development of global capitalism and urbanization, the world has developed two different attitudes towards death. A Utopia of the rich and the mediocre and busy residents of the city. Death changes from being avoided to losing its meaning. The boundary between life and death becomes blurred. Especially in East Asia, it is not surprising that some people feel that they have never lived. The other comes from marginal and local wars. Death also loses its meaning. It becomes a common thing, but people try their best to survive.

So it's stupid to talk about death like this, from the perspective of the poor. But on the other hand, it is not wise to ignore death, because it also ignores the relationship between death and struggle.

Death should be thought of in any case. It's a game of fire.

Because death is something to be realized. It is also joy.

Anger or joy is a celebration.