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It's not enough to suggest that everyone automatically shows uniqueness. It becomes a calling ritual, which attempts to make the existence manifest itself by breaking down the metaphysical basis; for others, the act of attack appears on its own. This is only a kind of narcissism of intellectuals (such as Heidegger) staying in the knowledge and critical theory. Deconstruction realizes the flow of consciousness, but in its rituals, the nation always comes back again.

In the theorization and modernization of logos, people will only become slaves automatically. Deconstruction is just against logos in vain. It's like a parent saying to their child, you're unique, so have fun. Then the children gradually socialize and eventually become mediocre people. But is the harsh education of the traditional elite more desirable? The will of the king is the will of the people. The modern elite seems to be born to "represent the people" and "fight for the people". Of course, these are lies. In fact, the king just monopolized logos and created a centralized system.

It is only by returning to Heraclitus that we can understand logos better. The original intention of logos is to change and struggle. Logos is the rule of chaotic universe. Only through great struggle can people become unique and form their own style. This is not to define oneself through struggle, but to realize struggle through creation.

But that leads to another problem. For example, I'm unique in a way that makes me narcissistic. So I always attract attention. But in fact, I suppressed the more creative individuals.

First of all, it misunderstands the meaning of struggle, because struggle is not achieved by hating the enemy, but by wanting more enemies. This requires a kind of humility, but it is not humility to the truth, but "becoming disadvantageous".

Second, it is a sad complacency. Because it doesn't know how to discover the uniqueness of others.

Finally, there is no concept of education. The great educator Arthur Schopenhauer was great because he found the meaning of loneliness. People are mediocre because of socialization.