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It is a kind of sophistry to regard a philosopher as mediocrity: because I can't compare him in wisdom, his plain life proves his mediocrity. This denial of other people's merits actually removes all uniqueness, denies other people's strengths, finds out his weaknesses, and then proves that he is mediocre. But in fact, you won't appreciate others' merits, which will only lead to your own mediocrity. Just because you are mediocre, everyone should embrace mediocrity and try to prove that there is uniqueness in mediocrity. If mediocrity comes from homogenization, how can we find uniqueness? It's like you want to find 2 in a group of 1 and unique in mediocrity. ——What a stupid dialectic! It takes Nietzsche's "Amor Fati" as if most people accept the established rules: some have talent, but most don't. This is not Amor Fati, because it denies the contingency of fate and turns it into the mediocrity of necessity!

The difference is free. What we need is to affirm the difference and the advantages of others. But dialectics does not evaluate the difference in the nature of power, it only judges things from symptoms and quantity. But the nature of 1 determines that it will not become 2! It's just the dialectician's mediocrity: either that the prodigy is due to some rare talent, or that most people don't have it, so it's best to embrace their "unique mediocrity.". This mediocre mass education denies advantages, denies pleasure from differences, denies all freshness, and opposes children's competition in games! In fact, it will only kill the character of children! This kind of mediocrity is exactly what Lenin needs, because Lenin needs the public soul deep in the individual heart. Such a stupid education method has brought countless disasters to mankind!

Even I know what you want to say next. Embracing justice is not mediocre. Even being an ordinary hero can be one's interest. ——No! A thousand no! It's just a cowardly self defense. It is not an evil interest, but the oppression of the will of most people!

Now maybe you know what I'm going to say next.