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Call for Solidarity to Abtin Parsa

Call to all comrades, anarchists and anti-fascists in netherlands for solidarity with revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa

A revolutionary comrade is in danger of extradition to greece from netherlands

Abtin Parsa is a anarchist former political prisoner from Iran who was imprisoned for one year and half(2014-2015 in Iran).

First course : Torture and prison experiences of Anarchists in #Iran

On 2016, he escaped form Iran to greece, while he was banned by Iranian regime to leave the country.

On 16 jun 2017, our comrade Abtin Parsa received the political asylum by greek state, which would allow him to stay legally for 3 years in greece.

After received the political asylum, comrade Abtin Parsa soon joined the resistance movement in greece and became a member of an anarchist political group known as GARE in the neighbourhood of exarchia. By joining the political group GARE, comrade Abtin Parsa met comrade Dimitris Hadivasiliadis, who was also a member of GARE (at the moment comrade Dimitris Hadivasiliadis is fugitive from 21 october 2019, greek regime accused comrade Dimitris Hadivasiliadis for armed robbery and being part of an anarchist armed organisation known as revolutionary self-defense)

On 28 July 2018, comrade Abtin Parsa was tortured by greek cops, which under tortures his chest was damaged seriously and one of his back bone was broken.

On january 2019, comrade Abtin Parsa was arrested by the greek cops in accusation of using fake identity.

On august 2019, comrade Abtin Parsa was arrested by greek cops in accusation of carrying weapon.

On november 2019, the house of comrade Abtin Parsa was raided by the greek anti-terrorist units

On february 2020, comrade Abtin Parsa took a political decision to get hidden, because of greek anti terrorist units control on his house and his movements.
Letter from Abtin Parsa

On 30 march 2020, comrade Abtin Parsa was arrested by greek anti-terrorist units in accusation of terrorist activity related to armed resistance

After the arrest of comrade Abtin Parsa, greek TVs and newspapers accused our comrade Abtin Parsa of being part of revolutionary armed organisation known as revolutionary self-defense, but until now no proofs for such accusation have been published by greek TVs and newspapers.

After the arrest of comrade Abtin Parsa in 30 march 2020, the greek newspapers quoted the Greek Immigration Ministry as saying that his political asylum had been revoked by the greek state.

A few months ago, comrade Abtin Parsa escaped from greece to netherlands to ask for political asylum but the state of netherlands gave him a negative answer and has a plan to extradition to greece.

We call for solidarity with anarchist comrade Abtin Parsa in order to put pressure on state of netherland to not extradition him to greece.