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right-left dichotomy on me, the sock puppet celebration really drove your points home! Need I remind you that right and left are not clearly defined by anybody, and that right-wingers and left-wingers often resemble each other because they both work for the state in either a literal sense or an un-payed servitude git economy sense?

Also, back to the original point you disagreed with: yes, the nazis literally called themselves socialists, which at least has meaning in terms of etymology and history.

Also, what bothers me though is seeing anarchists frequently try to make blatant attempts to force their thoughts on other people. You don't need to correct every single thing that other people say that you have a problem with. Just because someone says "you could argue" (yes, that's all i was saying) does not mean they are saying: "mwahahahaha! I'm a right wing shill that's intentionally spreading misinformation about leftists". Come on. There's actually intellectual value rather than moral value to theorizing, people who assert that they know the absolute truth about the meaning of words (especially almost meaningless political labels) are really just showing off the fact that they fail to critique their own thoughts and check what they say occasionally. I fully support your ability to say whatever the fuck you want but humans have frequently disagreed with each other.

It's a blatant falsehood to say that every politician provides lip service to the proletariat, that's something that american libertarians almost never do.

PS: I don't understand why anti-fascists tend to scoff at reading books like mein kampf, to me, an ideal anti-fascist would be very interested in what their enemies think...or at least their manipulative ploys.