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wow, look at all this rambling crap!

nobody scoffed at reading Hitler's book jackass. we scoffed at you taking anything he said as a sincere expression of his values, as you said, his "manipulative ploys", which is why your entire reasoning is flawed. if he doesn't mean anything he says, then he's not a leftist, he's just a liar. why are you struggling with such a simple concept?

I wager it's because this simple observation (that liars don't really belong to a tradition of political thought) bumps up against a lot of stupid american propaganda that has no reasoned basis: fallacies like fascism and socialism are the same thing because the nazis said they were the same thing and WHY WOULD THEY LIE?!

By the way, I'm not a leftist either so spare me that crap too. I just find poor and working people more sympathetic than fascists and the rich ... because I'm not a complete piece of shit? only 45%