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Greece, Athens : Responsibility Claim on 28.3.19 by Group for the Reconstruction of the Mediterranean Anarchist Triangle

From Act for Freedom Now!

Responsibility Claim
At the beginning of February the eviction of the squat ASILO OCCUPATO was ordered, a structure of the movement in the city of Turin, with a history of 24 years. The police don’t ‘play’ alone and the evacuation lasts one and a half days because of the resistance from the interior of the squat. Simultaneously all over the city gatherings, meetings, violent protests are being carried out. The carabinieri, in order to silence the reactions, transform entire neighbourhoods into quarantine zones, with blockades, arrests and the prohibition of circulation of traffic. Finally the authorities, as well as the eviction, arrest 6 comrades on charges of subversive activity based on actions against the CIE/CRP [detention centres for immigrants] as well as for solidarity with the revolts that have broken out inside them.
 It is clear that there are many more reasons for this operation. ASILO OCCUPATO has taken part in a lot of struggles which bothered the State mechanisms and the bosses. It opposed the destruction of the Val di Susa valley, participating in the movement NO TAV. It gave fights against the detention centres, against the repression and control and the regeneration and gentrification of entire neighbourhoods of the city. Neighbourhoods whose transformation into sterilized regions of consumption and amusement is desired by the bosses. For the above reasons the occupation and the 6 comrades were targeted by the repression.

Of these 6, 4 remain held under special detention, while 2 were given parole.  A few days later another repressive operation takes place, named RENATA, in the region of Trento and in neighbouring cities. Special police groups, the DIGOS and the ROS, assaulted 35 spaces [houses, workplaces, anarchist centres and movement structures], confiscate computers and files, printed material, tools, flags etc, which led finally to the arrest of 7 comrades. The charges they face are heavy and concern sabotage actions against biotechnology structures, radio-television antennas, police vehicles, banks, private work employment companies, offices of fascists and taking part in violent protests.
Clearly the mother of all the repressive attacks of the Italian State against our comrades is the Pontelungo operation, which became widely known as the Marini trial [by the name of the prosecutor – inventor of the same-named theory] and which in court lasted for ten years. In 1994 arrests of comrades took place and they were charged with armed robbery. As the trial the next year seems to be reaching its end, a giant operation across Italy started to set up charges of armed gang action and a host of other accusations, under the umbrella of an organization-ghost, an invention that will be used in the years to come. Several dozen are the persecuted and many will eventually end up in jail for many years. The Marini theory displays the anarchist space structured in two levels, with public and hidden activity under one central administration. This way the whole of anarchist activity is incriminated from the pamphlets to the attacks, the differences disappear and these all suffice to send someone to jail. Anarchists are categorized as pacifists and criminals, friendly and political relations are criminalized, homes are called safe-houses, newspapers and magazines are named terrorist manuals, tools are named weapons and the social centres and squats as the attackers’ strongholds.
The wild repression with the anti – terrorism law and its articles 270 and 270bis brings imprisonment, people held hostage through lengthy court cases, house arrests, closed newspapers and magazines and online counter-information websites. It uses wire-tapping methods, which in the coming years are enriched with the use of new technologies such as gps, the use of genetic material etc. At the same time wild propaganda [with the help of the media] is carried out in order to isolate and criminalize the anarchists so they can be hit more easily and lose their social and political affiliations. Of course where repression and slander are not enough, comes brutal violence and death as occurred in 1998 with the murders of Eduardo Massari and Maria Rosas Soledad who were found hanged, the first in his cell at Vallette prison in Turin and the second in her home being under house arrest.
 Since then and until today, the same play has been repeated steadily and relentlessly with the same characteristics, even exported to Greece as it seems from the nature of similar persecutions in the recent past.
At the end of the judicial evolution of the Marini trials a new one began, operation Cervantes in 2004. After that three new ones followed the next year as part of the previous one, operation Nottetempo, Fraria and Crocenera with allegations of a subversive organization carrying out actions of the FAI. The same happened and the subsequent persecutions that make the catalogue look endless. Spring 2006 operation Gruppi di Affinati, autumn of 2007 operation Brushwood, summer 2009 operation Shadow. Spring 2011 operation Outlaw, summer and autumn 2012 operations Mangiafuoco and Ixodidae as well as Ardire and Thor for actions that concern FAI-IRF. In the same year persecutions were being conducted against anarchists who took part in the fierce clashes with police forces on July 3 in the Susa valley against the construction of the high-speed train line TAV which aspires to connect Italy with France. On summer of 2017 operation Scripta Manent sets off and a few months later Panico.
The tools and the methods for these police operations are well known and tried by the Italian State and its mechanisms, the police and judicial services. Recent Italian history is full of such prosecutions.
Another part of the repression concerns the strike against solidarity to the imprisoned and persecuted anarchists in Italy. The Italian State, trying to block the wave of solidarity and political relations between comrades in the two countries, presented the theory of the Mediterranean anarchist triangle of Italy, Spain and Greece portraying us as apolitical criminals who conspire with the purpose of acts of terrorism.
Constantly throughout the years, they have published articles about contacts, connections, trips to make preparations for attacks and escalating riots in demonstrations and they don’t forget to refer to interventions by the solidarity movement but as always they alter/remove their true content.
In this light, for example, can be understood the relentlessness of the Italian State for the court case of the 5 Greek comrades who were arrested after the end of the wild clashes that took place at the demonstration against the EXPO in Milan. They think that by hitting our solidarity and our political relations they can put us in a difficult position. We let them live with their illusions. The passion for freedom is not subdued, not persecuted or imprisoned. It is here and will remain their worst nightmare and their number one enemy.
These are the real reasons for their existence, of the latter as well as the previous repressive operations of the Italian State. They hit our comrades because they proclaim that they are anarchists, conscious enemies of the State and capitalism. Because they are guilty indeed, they participate in a multitude of struggles standing in solidarity with immigrants and prisoners. Because they are opposed to the plague of city gentrification, because they house their ideas in social centres and squats instead of sitting at home like peaceful citizens. Because they write and propagate their thoughts, creating breaches in the regime’s normality, throwing sand in the gears of capitalism’s murder machine.
Because they don’t just stop at words, but set to action being a lifetime on the attack against multinationals, biotechnology structures and environmental destruction, cops and fascists. They are guilty because they make an example and a cry for breaking the silence imposed by the Italian State for the maintenance of peace between classes. Guilty because they are dreaming and carrying a new world, a world of freedom, equality and solidarity that will sweep away the old one.
For all these reasons, our group last Thursday 28/3/19 visited the Italian Archaeological Service located in the area near the Acropolis. After we wrote solidarity slogans on the marble front of the neoclassical building where this service is housed, we torched a van that was parked outside. In the building of the Italian Archaeological Service last week [Monday to Friday] a seminar took place for the policing of archaeological sites by the Italian Carabinieri to their Greek counterparts, the pigs of the Greek police. What better opportunity for us to express close to the Italian cops found on site for the last day of the seminar, that their “deeds” are not left unanswered.
As well as communicating to the administrators of the service that providing space for such events to the carabinieri has a cost, since they fully align themselves with repressive operations in Italy that have no relationship with culture and civilization which they advertise they are working with…
The cooperation of the two States in the field of security is long-lasting, whether it concerns the police or the judiciary and that is what we want to demonstrate, among other things, with this action. The Carabinieri group is the necessary repressive tool to fulfil this “job” with special zeal and hatred against the anarchists in Italy.
Here from the city of Athens we remind them how similar zeal, but for struggle, we also have and hatred of the police regardless of their country of origin too. They should not forget it, we never leave our comrades alone.
We are sending our solidarity to the arrested and the persecuted from ASILO OCCUPATO and the Renata operation, as well as all those that are locked up in the dungeons of the Italian state.
We declare, through action, that we are equally guilty with them in every way.
Texts, posters, protests and attacks are our own means of struggle.
Besides, solidarity [like the struggle generally] will be total or it will not be anything, simply clustered and harmless …
Group for the Reconstruction of the Mediterranean Anarchist Triangle

Translated by Act for freedom now!