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'Decolonization" has been hijacked as a word used to describe everything when it shouldn't be "Decolonization Is Not A Metaphor" is a good read about that, also it depends on where you are talking about because each land has felt colonization different. if we are talking about the Americas, colonization and decolonization should come from the perspective of Natives to the Americas you can't just decolonize the world

decolonization means removing colonization and its effects to before colonization existed, it means destroying industrial society and industrialism, destroying industrial farming and agriculture, the state and government, European morality ethics and religions, property and land ownership police and the justice systems... we can go on

Decolonization in the Americas means the return of the Hunter Gatherers, the Nomadic Tribes, the return of Native autonomy, the destruction of borders, and the Americas being one continent again