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Fire sure does, tho!

I find it rather convenient that at this point, it's mostly the authoritarian part of the Left spectrum that went full into the promotion and enforcement of Covid measures, socially-distancing not just from the Far Right and libertarians, but also the remaining free-thinking individualists and anti-authoritarians, political or otherwise.

I'm still angry at those R&Bs and liberal Leftists who from the comfort of their posh urban apartments were doing all they could to support the shutdowns of key community infrastructures because of same-old "social responsibility" moralism, down to moralizing anyone against not submitting. This makes you realize not just the true power of the State, but also how this true power relies on the active or passive complicity of a multitude of non-government agents, that includes this specific controlled opposition (the compromised Left).

I'd like to find a way to expose them for the full statist control freaks they actually are. But it's better seeking out sustainable forms of life outside of this control system, as the control system got way absurdly controlling, in the service of the usual suspects.