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Does absolutely every last single business have to be closed for capitalism to be weakened?

I don't live in a "posh urban commune" you assumptive simp. And what did you expect a post capitalist and/or anarchist future would look like? Did you think we'd all be working in worker co-ops singing Kumbaya? This pandemic gives us a glimpse of how capitalism could collapse and how rough the transition period could be. If you want to end capitalism then this is likely how the ending is going to play out. We need to be resilient and resourceful to weather the downfall, just like we need to anticipate and expect things to get miserable for a while. If we want anarchy, don't expect a painless joyful instant changeover. Lockdowns entail a slowdown in capitalist exchange. When people are not exchanging goods and services for money, capitalism stagnates. That's because this is exactly what capitalism actually is... i.e. economic activity. And this slow down of economic activity is partly how capitalism will fall, and why smashing windows does nothing but increase demand for glass, as money exchanges hands for repair.

But yet I read anarchists on here complaining about economic shutdowns! As if their complaints about capitalism were never more than some abstract idea different from the economy we actually and physically all live in. Now that things are getting real, with capitalist activity slowing down, and the potential for anarchy is close, anarchists really just want to go shopping!

Fucking hilarious!