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trying to control the virus by trying to control human behavior has been a pretty disastrous failure. Someone with more left/liberal opinions will assure you that state mandated restrictions do work, but they only work on a small scale. By making a law that bans gatherings of 200+ people, you will save your town/city from an outbreak, but overtime those outbreaks will happen over broader areas due to house parties, general human apathy, and nihilisms. Smallpox wiped out most of the native americans, it's absurd to think a disease that's less serious can be controlled by encouraging people to isolate themselves.

Basically our only saviors are the masks, which are tragi-comically being attacked morally and scientifically by right wingers....masks don't even require hardly any destruction to the non-humans compared to a lot of other industrial and home-made materials. How sad!

And yup, QAnon just aren't interesting. Who really knows the agenda of the people who started these idiotic code-based rumors, but the QAnon movement is mostly just this racist trumpee thing now adays. Some of the stories online by former Q-Anons are pretty interesting to read, a very appealing religion for a country that has a problem with with mental illness and right-wing ideology.