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i know quite a few people who have gotten covid, 3 of whom have died, and 2 of those were under 40. for sure it isn't as deadly to the infected as say ebola, but it is far more widespread and contagious. and long term effects are still largely unknown, although there are quite a few "long haulers", i know at least one of them (still debilitating symptoms after 8 months).

so what?

as an anti-authoritarian, i leave state mandates for statists to argue over. the practical questions for me are quite simple: do you want to limit the spread of the virus? and if so, do common mitigation efforts make sense? for me, the answer to the former is a qualified yes; i want to limit its spread within the realm of people i care about. i also say yes to the latter; the simple measures of wearing a mask (fully over mouth and nose) and avoiding crowds seem to unquestionably make a difference in its spread. i myself live in the boonies, so these measures rarely even apply to me, but i wear a mask when i go into town to the store. because it just makes sense.

i think anyone that answers no to those questions and catches the virus ought to be ignored/rejected by any health care workers they would put at risk by their behavior. no state mandates, just individuals acting on their own. if only...