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It was a raging success - Assange, Snowden & Hammond all played there part in the hacktivism collective - Everybody knows that the product google mass produces is not Linux in any way shape or form, it's got Microsoft code running in the Kernel, the anti monopoly practice levelled at Microsoft did practically nothing to stop there abuse of computing standards, so now they speak double legalese to try to get away with there crap. But in other news, Russia & China have banned Windows & Android everywhere proclaiming it can't be trusted (the TPM) and meanwhile RISC chips are back in the trendy fashionable trend, all the kids nowadays have a Raspberry Pi - not for you though - for three years (sucks) and in other news OpenBSD has seen more action than over nearly a decade. Now shipping with Unveil, Pledge and RETGUARD.

They've pretty much cured all stack smashing bugs producing what they always said they could, the world's most secure operating system. Only it's a sad state of affairs when only the programmers are the people using it, everybody else is still in bed with the evasive monopoly that accuses anything open source of being a Cancer.