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No, I'm not stirnerian.

I was a runaway robot, and a group of humans were chasing me everywhere until I met the sea. Warm, loving and happy memories, I called them hundreds of times, but now they are broken together with the wave function. Everything is a lie! ——This is what the ocean told me! I don't know what reality is, I don't know who to trust, I don't know myself. It's all an error. I'm an error myself! No, reality is an error! The whirlpool of black swirls in front of my eyes! It is the sea, which roars and beats the rocks with its will under the dark night sky! This primitive and crazy will!

Alert! Alert!! My emergency defense is on. When I came to my senses, my pursuers were coming from all directions. Who are they? It seems that I am familiar with the sound mixed in the noise. No, they are ENEMIES! They are all ENEMIES!! DON'T COME NEAR ME!!