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"Janja Lalich comes from the Margeret Singer and Robert Jay Lifton influenced school of cult studies, which puts her firmly in the “anti-cult” camp. However, I appreciate Lalich because she has raised the need for a categorical analysis..."

uhhh, not sure why there is a need for this, to me all that can really do is allow some cultey organization to say they aren't one. Sure there are people who like reading this type of thing (i enjoyed like the first 10 paragraphs), but overall defaulting to a more rhetorical/primitive style is always better. You can even do that with data oriented articles, even though depending on the profession not every english speaker is going to be able to read it, which IMO isn't terribly important.

Cullts are basically everywhere now adays, the only difference is the intensity which they suck. Clearly "the people's temple" gets a pretty high score, the proud boys are maybe a little bit better by comparison, wal mart gets an even higher one...the list goes on, maybe instead should be rated by level of brutality.