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Corrosive Consciousness on Immediatism Podcast

Enjoy the full text of Bellamy Fitzpatrick's book, Corrosive Consciousness, from Enemy Combatant Publications, now in podcast format. Primarily a critique of the more prominent voices and ideas in anarcho-primitivism, Bellamy's book also provides a model by which we can examine our own ideas and those of others. Bellamy's unique take on egoism and invitation to be cynical in our anarchism are welcome additions to the genre. Each thirty minute episode begins with a five minute intro to support your listening experience. Corrosive Consciousness is available from

Episodes 1-11
12 The AP response to Bellamy's critique
13 Postscript: Cynical Virtues -- A Preliminary Sketch of an Anarchist Form of Life in Leviathan's 21st Century

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