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to rid individuals of their cretinizing individualism and to return to them the intelligence that makes each and every person an interconnected – quite simply: a human – being."


Honestly I'm unable to agree with this.

I get the whole issue with "individuation". But it's totally not individualism that makes people into careless cretins, but rather the anti-individual herd mentality.

I grew up with a history of violence and disrespect, coming from others, and if there was a common trait with all these conducts, is that they were rooted in gangs, in herd dynamics.

The reason why radical movements have failed at a project of deep social change though self-management, is the disregard/disrespect for a person's individual experience, initiative, sensibilities and I myself have played a part in these shitty herd politics, and not only this rarely was justified, but it gave a bad name to everything I stood for.

If radical Lefties would stop being reckless, hypocrite assholes -or stand by those that are- their ideas would have perhaps led to some interesting lasting project irl, but they just kept shooting themselves in the foot.

I agree with the rest of his views here, tho.