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i value that you expressed this, but you’re asking too much.

to see anyone dare to take down any part of the city by their own initiative and direct action is rare in itself. to destroy the modern smart city you mention you’d have to see these people, and you included, take their smartphones and computers and smash them. these people tore down these obsolete and ignored monuments and then took pictures to post it online. as long as that is the goal and the logic, the modern smart cities you mention will be intact. it’s counterdestructive (counterproductive didnt seem fitting) if you depend on modern smart the city (which includes electricity and internet lines, relay antennas) to give you validation and gratification for destroying it.

anyways, these actions weren’t meant to please you. if people can eat turkey (industrialized mass slaughter of animals) as a nonsensical tradition to celebrate genocide, then anyone is more than welcome to do things like this (toppling statues etc) instead.