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Never shall I forget watching the statue of Confederate and KKK scumbag Albert Pike come down just yards from my face, before a screaming crowd of hundreds holding the police at bay.

Never shall I forget seeing the statue of murderous former US President "Trail of Tears" Andrew Jackson with well-deserved ropes around the neck, another roaring crowd heaving and hoing to bring it down as battle raged at the fence. We lost that battle, but just seeing the ropes on that bronzed criminal was one of the most incredible morale boosts I ever saw as a person of Indigenous ancestry.

For me, seening that Pike statue come down in front of my face may have been the high point of the entire summer, coming as it did just as things seemed to be slowing a bit from the massive, all-out fighting we had in DC May 29-June 3. Flames rose and statues fell as the pent-up rage of 500 years exploded into the night.