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the outrage that anarchists and leftists are showing toward moxie on social media is absurd. moxie came across as an sincere and intelligent person that was using a massive platform to say some smart and largely anti-authoritarian things. in no way was moxie's appearance on rogan's show legitimizing rogan or his views. if anything it introduced joe and his listeners to a perspective that they generally would not hear. moxie even slipped in a "the secret is to begin," which should make some folx overjoyed.

folx outraged at moxie are simply still promoting insular bubbles, magical thinking, and great man theories... moxie NOT going on rogan would have zero "desired" outcomes and initiate zero anything (and we all know the folx who are outraged demand something!), not even the burning outrage that gets folx's blood flowing just enough to take to social media to raise the banners of cancellation!

but, yes, he used his final words to talk about his interest in tracking down the soviet space dog descendants and not to confront rogan about being a dummy that platforms bad people so ...... what a horrible person. right?

yes, it was long and mostly boring.