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I understand that throwing borderline sexist slur (like "c*nt") at Moxie was likely a good cause to remove the comment.

On the other hand, what does it say of Moxie very nicely standing by a sexist pig like Rogan, who's been befriending even more sexist & racist Alt-Right pigs over the years like Gavin McInnes?

What does it say of the awesome PR job he did to Elon Musk?

Also being fully chill as Rogan goes on a gratuitous crybabying digression at how Trump got attacked by "rude" commenters on Twitter for a long time?

I mean wtf.

In a way, we can thanks Joe Reagan for demonstrating how Moxie's a treacherous corporate psychopath himself, who'll embrace even Far Right sympathizers if this can benefit his own tech venture...

Neoliberal White hipster just jumped in his coffin with that and put the lid over so we can nail it for good. And I/we already are.

Never rise from that shithole, Moxie, and you'd better hope we'll never cross paths. For now I'll be trashing Signal the same way I been trashing Facebook for a few hundred years.