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As someone that largely outgrew Rogan and social media years ago I also don't get it.

I only found out about this podcast episode coming to anews, and I'm probably still not going to listen to it. I already cannot keep up with the podcasts I do listen to, and Rogan isn't that interesting (being always better around MMA, health, and comedian folks anyway).

A bigger issue is that Spotify had the cash flow to make the deal from their pathetic model of bilking artists. First the record companies, and now this shitty distro system. Man do I miss live music, and although a secret bedroom artist myself, I can't imagine how anyone makes even a modicum of a decent living and fanbase in this context devoid of an irl social component. I don't listen to spotify unless given a free trial. The quality is tin, and I'm about priced out of collecting physical media for two reasons: lack of physical copies, and the over-inflated prices of vinyl. Music used to be everything to me...

How terribly capitalism treats creativity, and cultural artifacts.

It's okay to outgrow, and move on from Rogan people!