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Just listened to this...

1. I wish he would have articulated his point about extractivism and the cause of destruction to Nature, he kept bringing it up but never fully going into it, while the host seemed to want to "ethically destroy nature" by making it in America

2. I also wish he would have pushed back against the way the host kept saying only the Right was discriminated against on social media, while we can say there is a left-bias in the way most people define morals into the left-right political spectrum, I think he started to say how these objectives truths don't exist, but he could have brought up how the left will get banned as well for breaking the rules. it seems the rights and this hosts only focus was on breaking rules as it pertains to say Trans issues while the left get banned for being violent or threatening

at the end of the day, these tech companies will go with the popular thought to grow their power. if the popular thought aligned with so-called right-leaning people that is how the bias would go, they want money and power and they will virtue signal to get it