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"Cellebrite’s flagship product is the UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device), a system that allows authorities to UNLOCK and access the data of any phone in their possession. Another product it offers is the Physical Analyzer, which helps organize and process data lifted from the phone."

"In an earlier, now deleted, version of the blog post, the company went as far as to say: “Decrypting Signal messages and attachments was not an easy task. It required extensive research on many different fronts to create new capabilities from scratch. At Cellebrite, however, finding new ways to help those who make our world a safer place is what we’re dedicated to doing every day.”

"Following recent reports in Haaretz that the company’s technology was being used by Chinese officials to spy on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, Cellebrite announced it would no longer provide services to China or police forces in the Chinese administrative region. "

"The initial post, which was stored on the Internet Archive, also included a detailed explanation of how Cellebrite “cracked the code”: by reviewing Signal’s own open source protocol and using it against it. The company noted in the deleted blog post that “because [Signal] encrypts virtually all its metadata to protect its users, efforts have been put forward by legal authorities to require developers of encrypted software to enable a ‘backdoor’ that makes it possible for them to access people’s data. Until such agreements are reached, Cellebrite continues to work diligently with law enforcement to enable agencies to decrypt and decode data from the Signal app.”

Now eat that, you tooool! huh-huh-huuuh...

This invalidates the PR denial posted on nerdy sites (already have read those, btw, yeeeeess...) saying that "no, Signal wasn't cracked". Well, yeah, it was, you fucking dick.

This is total damage controlling put up by corporate/government shills, in order to avoid nothing else but waves of lawsuits against either or both companies involved, and to likely also save the face of Israeli intel agencies.