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I wonder what's the next grand tragedy for 2021... us being forced to take a vaccine, as a precondition for going back to society's new/old normal? For sure, "society", who here wants more or it, right? True. But that also means all the stuff that allowed you to travel around, to feed yourselves, to keep warm in the winter... this ain't everything in your life, but let's say it's been a factor in enjoying it, to some extent.

So many here will agree that 2020 was a opportune year to do what we can to find alternatives to "life" in this society. Not all have succeeded, but let's also understand how this war that's called "society" is a multidimensional, asymmetric, immanent conflict; between seemingly overwhelming forces of CONTROL, and the forces of life. People that assert life, up against or regardless of the social-political conditions, are the true anarchists we can learn to befriend and team up with.

Of course here I ain't talking about redneck idiots protesting Covid in their megatrucks, as digression from endangering lives around on a daily basis.

What is "to live"? What does it mean, like Aragorn! would ask? The Covid Death Cult and the discussions around it have made me realize how this question was overlooked.

The best answer I got is that life simply means to assert and benefit from it. To enjoy it, the way that suits you. But you may say that it's also about experiencing, and experimenting, it... exploring, pushing its boundaries... all of these are ways that might suit some people. And as you may know, life is made of diversity. Myriads of manifestations, that you might/might not enjoy, but you got no reason to enforce on others, as per some projected, imagined notion of life...

Life *is*; it can only be. It's the plants growing through the cracks, because it just keeps being. it is like the continuous manifestation of a will to grow, expand, become greater, experience, learn, create, then move on to other realms.

I might also no longer be able to read from this site and troll it, at some point, due to some stupid injury, or me no longer having the physical support to be able to live any longer, coz a piano fell over my head or something (I especially would hope for a stupid and/or glorious death, but definitely not in confinement). What matters is that I did. I don't care if I wasn't the author of Desert or didn't had an entry in AJODA. I'll probably manage to get over my dyslexia and write something even better, out of reading a few dozen new books and a Goodreads account.... or maybe not... yawn.

What's better than just enjoying life, like any other animal? The feeling of having accomplished something that you can remember for a long, long time. But that, too is yet another imperative I could be tryin' to push on you...

Viva l'anarchie, for good!