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RED ALERT... Chump did a brain fart!

Ok so basically if rural people are suffering .fucked up shit" brought by urban people, this means the urban environment was perfect for the development and spread of that shit, so THANK YOU to contradict yourself and sparing me the effort of making a fool of your brutish, incsoherent self!

It's pretty much what the Covid stats have shown: urban and suburban areas are the best environments for this virus and this is where the epidemic has spread the fastest and done the biggest death toll.

Rural areas got a much richer microbial environment and combined with clean air and water, and more physical nature of work, it usually contributes to healthier lifestyles. That doesn't include the dead towns filled with Netflix subscribers and Walmart shoppers, which aren't really rural lifestyles, but suburban. But what am I a dupe to think you'll even learn such simple assessment?