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...isn't supposed to "explain" political-economy to you (or anyone). That's what Marx is for. The Great Reset is a plan. It's not even a conspiracy theory. This is all happening right out in the open. You can read all about it on the WEF's website, although they do dress it up in "innocent"-sounding language.

To those who may not know, to sum it up: TGR is a plan for "global stability" being pushed by the ruling elites to remake the world into a smart prison enabled by new innovations in the interconnecting fields of AI, robotics, 5G, quantum computing, facial recognition, cashless monetary systems, genetic engineering, and more. It is being sponsored by, among others, the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Karl Schwab, and a whole host of unfathomably rich and powerful men who apparently consider themselves to be the masters of humanity.

Hell... has written extensively about this in their latest issue: "against the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions". Would you consider the people at 325 to be, "people who are just screeching in to their webcams with wild eyes" ? Last I checked, they were still considered in good, credible standing with the international anarchist community.

"well "The Great Reset" rhetoric definitely put you in some shady corners of the online discourse"

lol, you speak as if @news wasn't also a part of this "shady corner" of the internet in it's own right.