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You're being dogmatic, comrade. You need to be more flexible and escape your sectarian niche, comrade. Find what you have in common with other struggles and fight alongside them, comrade. You need to take a further coherent flow into synthesis and platform, comrade. What we must do is clear. If you don't agree with my vision, you need to flow and be flexible comrade, leave behind your dogmatism, comrade. But we must be coherent in organization and strategy, please read my bullet points, comrade.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but it's not T.V. dinner, like the subcultural dweebs who're a mirror of the US of A mainstream consumer cultural values would have you think. It's fine dining and it's slow cooking. You need to till the land to cultivate the finest ingredients. The cheese and wine need to ferment and be aged. The stew needs to cook at a low flame for centuries. And then you need to let it get cold and serve it at the right moment. You serve it up to the fascists and the capitalists and say "Bon Appetit" and they say "Yum, this tastes good". But too much fine dining will make them fat and complacent, they'll grow to trust you, this is the long con. When they're fat and senile and grateful for your cooking, and then die of old age, then you will feed their children, and their grandchildren, they'll never know what was coming to them. You will open a chain of restaurants, you will employ them, you will administer the whole journey, from the countryside to the dining table. Everyone will taste your dish.