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TOTW: The Arts

There's no accounting for taste.

Some people like Sylvia Plath, some people like Ted Hughes. Some people like Twilight, some people like Die Hard. Some people, I hear, even like Mandalorian. People who go to all the same gigs can't agree on which movie to watch. People who love all the same novels fall out over which radio station to listen to in the car. When it comes to the arts, it's anarchy out there.

How has your anarchism shaped your taste in the arts, and how has your taste in the arts shaped your anarchism?

Are your favourite films all about free-spirited individuals sticking two fingers up to authority? Do you only like poetry that breaks all the rules? Is your record collection a noisy mix of black sleeves and sweary song titles?

Or do you prefer the best sellers and the literary canon? The plays reviewed in the NYT and the exhibitions recommended in the tourist guide? The acclaimed, the popular, the definitely not anarchist?

How has your taste changed over the years? Have these changes had any correlation to changes in your anarchist thinking? In your milieu?

And finally, was it art that first pointed you down the weird and wonderful road to anarchyland?