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Readings for Constructing Anarchisms on Immediatism

from Immediatism

Immediatism podcast has provided audio files for most of the Constructing Anarchisms readings suggested by Shawn Wilbur for weeks 1-4. The full Constructing Anarchisms workshop project may be accessed at, along with pdf's for each of the essays read on Immediatism, with some being both in French and English. Continue to send feedback and requests to And, continue to watch the site for upcoming readings in the Constructing Anarchisms workshop.

The True Revolutionaries (1935)
Synthesis of an Evolving Anarchism (1952)
On Synthesis (1924) part 1
On Synthesis part 2

Toward a General Theory of Archy
Escheat and Anarchy
The Anarchist Question part 1
The Anarchist Question part 2