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"But nihilist communism is a form of anti-politics"

So says the hypocrite running his urban communes delving in ID politics and other sorts of horizontal social control patterns.

Furthermore, I don't see ANY communism being "anti-politics". The mere fact that it's anti-electoral and non-State paradigm for you doesn't even make it "anti-politics". But communism as ideology (how can it NOT be ideology?) presupposes in itself a form of politics... just more "grassroots" or horizontal collective politics, maybe. Logic? Communist relations function accordingly with a set of principles, or premises, without which it'd be pointless to call these relations "communist(ic)". i.e. communism is an order, and you cannot have any stable, sustained order without politics.

This obsession with some people around here of sticking to communism is endemic of a lack of being able to organize with others (but more with yourself)

And once again, the fact you won't oppose the dominant system in any sort of way makes your very claim at "communism" a joke, or perhaps a way to make yourself interesting to a certain crowd. Rejecting strenght (or capacity) is also self-defeating... why would anyone be weak and disabled? Even actual disabled people seek to overcome their limitations!

This shit is sooo wrong, through and through. Rethink your shit, bro.