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And that's why I can't rejoice at this ridiculous pretend coup, even if the joy of anti-imperialists, commies and some anarchists -of watching these clowns fight each other- is understandable, but also the result of shortsightedness. Or an incapacity/carelessness to understand the wider geopolitical dynamics behind it.

As of now, the Qanon idiots were an excessively successful propaganda trick to play in the hands of a new level of totalitarism. They shut down most opposition to Covid measures in many countries, by becoming this opposition. They hit all the right buttons to bad-mouth any sort of critics; they took over the liberal Left as the false, controlled opposition. I feel fatalistic here, but that's at least an aspect of what's happening.

Democrats, neoliberals -especially the tech feudal interests they represent- will only get mightier with this, more than they ever were in decades, they'll give proper treatment to the tools that (intentionally or not) served their agenda... and don't fucking think for a second they'll keep the Covid Death Cult from spreading to your area, unopposed, and always growing in power. They'll enforce it, ruthlessly. And YOU, being a boiling frog just like everyone else... (except some billionaires, and Comrade Xi). This is another coup....